Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blog Assignment #5

This is a picture of an orange RSS feed symbol wearing headphones
I first visited the Eagles Nest website.  Here I listened to a podcast done by 3rd graders.  I was thoroughly impressed.  The podcast I listened to was about Roman times.  I thought it was very informational.  I was really impressed with the clarity the students presented this material with.

Next I visited the EPN Website.  This stands for Education Podcast Network.  I could see where this website would be so valuable for teachers using podcasts.  You can really find anything here.  There are links to all types of podcasts that can be used in the classroom.  It is very well organized and I think it would be really helpful to teachers. 

The third and last website I visited was the Judy Scharf Podcast Collection.  This collection is powered by Curriki website.  Judy Scharf had a collection of all types of podcasts here.  She also has information on how to create your own podcast. I see many similarities between the EPN and Just Scharf's collection on the subject of usefullness.  I think this website goes one step farther by giving newbies information on how to create your own podcast.

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