Saturday, February 19, 2011

Project 8-Poscast

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  1. Hi Jacob-

    I really enjoyed listening to your blog. Your team's comments brought to light some concerns that I had not thought about in regard to younger student's blogging. One concern that especially stuck with me was the comment in regard to a younger child being embarrassed about his published works when he becomes older.

    I would like to share with you an experience that I see as similar to that concern regarding my own twelve year old son. When I was young and in school, we received big red marks on our papers for every single grammatical error we made. It did exactly what you addressed in your blog; it "taught" you to be apprehensive about your writing skills.

    However, when my twelve year old was in kindergarten, the teachers encouraged all of the students to write everything and anything they could think of regardless of the correct spelling and punctuation. Over time, they worked on things and of course his writing is fabulous today. So, of course, he was never worried about his writing like I was.

    We have two books that my son's school published with written works in them from his entire class in second and third grade. We have the two books on display in our home. Do you know what? My son and I love reading the books together and one of our favorite things to do is to giggle and point out the mistakes. It makes us laugh and remember how young he was and how much he has grown up. I hope many schools have changed like his school, where they celebrate and highlight the success of a student. I hope they teach it's okay for learning to be messy. Sometimes, we can make mistakes while searching for the correct answers.

    Good luck in EDM310 this semester!