Saturday, April 9, 2011

Blog Post #11

Kathy Cassidy
I was very surprised at the level to which these first grade students were able to use the computers in the classroom.  I think that the way they used wikispaces is something I could incoorporate into my classroom.  I like the way they pose a question and then they have other people share their ideas with them.  I think that a common problem in classrooms is that the only ideas available are those IN the classroom.  This brings in ideas from outsiders, possibly people all over the world.  One problem I could see occuring from the use of wikispaces in this way, especially in the secondary setting, which is where I will be teaching,would be other studetns making inappropriate comments as their answer to the question.  Students at this age think that this is very humorous.  I am sure there is a way where comments have to be approved before they are published to the class wikispace. 


  1. Jacob,

    I think that what Ms. Cassidy is doing with her students is wonderful. She takes it a pone herself to go above and beyond to incorporate new technologies in her classroom. I agree with you on the way the students pose the question and they get feed back. It allows them to get different points of view from lots of sources.

    As to your concerns about the comments from other students, I have been on class blogs where the teacher has to ok the comments before they will post. Having that setting on your class blog may help you to eliminate that issue. Hope that helps!

  2. Jacob,

    What you said in your blog post about Ms. Cassidy class was really good. I think this a great thing to incorporate into our classrooms for the students. As for the inapproriate comments I can understand. I will be teaching secondary education and our kids are at that age where they just want to be bad all the time.

  3. Jacob,

    It amazes me at how far ahead of the game Mrs. Cassidy's first graders are compared to the first grade classes here in Mobile County! It goes to show just how much we undermine a child's intelligence!

    Also, I see where Amanda addressed your potential problem of inappropriate comments being left on blogs. She is absolutely correct in that you can set it up to where you must approve them before they are posted.

    Keep up the good work!

    - Allie